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This typically will occur after a a 214Bi 218At 208Pb 238U 4.47 Ga 235U 0.7 Ga 211Bi α, β− α 212Po 0.3 µs 207Tl β− 4.8 m 207Pb 210Pb α, β− 22.3 a 210Bi α, β− 5.d 210Po α 138 d 211Po 0.5 s α 206Hg β− 8.2 m 206Tl β− 4.2 m 206Pb β− 208Tl 3 m 2.1 m 234Th 24 d β− 234Pa 6.7 h β− 234U 246 ka α 230Th 75 ka α 232Th 14 Ga α 226Ra 1.6 kaα 222Rn 3.8 d α 218Po α, β− 3.1 m 214Pb β− 27 m 231Th 1 d β− 231Pa 32.8 ka α 227Ac 21.8 a 227Th 18.7 d α 223Fr 22 m β−, α 223Ra 11.4 d α 219Rn 3.9 s α 219At β−, α 228Ra 5.8 a α β− 228Ac 228Th 1.9 a α 224Fr 3.0 m β− 224Ra 3.7 d α 220Rn 56 s 215Po 2 ms 215Bi 7 m β− 50 s 218Rn α 35 ms 215At 0.1 ms α β−, α 211Pb β− 36 m 214Po α 163 µs α 216Po 0.15 s β− 212Pb 10.6 h 210Tl β− 1.3 m α, β − 6.2 h α, β− 1 h 212Bi α, β− 1.6 s β− 20 m N Z α α α, β− Figure 10.1.

Part of the chart of the nuclides showing the series of decays that occur as 238U, 235U, and 232Th are transformed to 206Pb, 207Pb, and 208Pb respectively. 655 Isotope Geochemistry Lecture 10 67 ranging from milliseconds to hours, and are of little use in study of the Earth.

This equation says simply that the rate of change of the abundance of the daughter isotope is equal to the rate of production less the rate of decay. We will follow the standard convention of denoting activities by enclosing the isotope or isotope ratio in parentheses.

Thus (230Th) denotes the activity of 230Th, and (230Th/238U) denotes the ratio of activities of 230Th and 238U.

Basic Principles The fundamental principal involved in U decay series dating is that, in a closed system, the ratio of parent to daughter will tend toward an equilibrium state in which the rate of decay of the parent is equal to the rate of decay of the daughter.

A closed system will approach this equilibrium state at a predictable rate with the ratio of the parent to daughter being proportional to time, provided equilibrium has not been reached.

In these Lecture Notes, the Lecturer has tried to illustrate the following points : Decay Schemes, Radioactive, Invariant Rate, Dating, Conventional Techniques, Proportiona... 655 Isotope Geochemistry Lecture 10 66 GEOCHRONOLOGY VI U-DECAY SERIES DATING Up to now, we have been discussing decay schemes that are based on measuring the amount of a sta- ble daughter nuclide relative to the amount of the radioactive parent.

Since the decay of the parent takes place at an invariant rate, this ratio of daughter to parent is proportional to time (in a closed system).

The abundance of such isotopes depends on the balance between its own radioactive decay and the rate at which it is produced by the decay of its parent: d ND dt = ! D N D 10.01 where subscripts P and D refer to parent and daughter respectively. The other reason we work with activities will become apparent shortly.

However, a number of these intermediate daughters have half-lives ranging from days to hundreds of thousands of years and do provide useful information about geological processes.

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