Adult el camino real

31-Aug-2017 19:40

The goal of the program is to help individuals stabilize their mood so that they can transition to less intensive outpatient therapy.Designed to help develop the coping skills needed to resume life, our program provides goal-oriented, short-term treatment to help overcome emotions and behaviors that are a barrier to health and wellness.Almost everyone has some difficulty at times dealing with life's problems and/or getting along with others.During these periods of stress individuals try to handle problems in the best way they know how.Nearby, you’ll also find both Notre Dame University, Stanford University, and Stanford Medical Center – one of the country’s foremost teaching hospitals.Our 23 room boutique Belmont hotel consists of rooms with one Queen bed and rooms with two Double beds, which can accommodate up to four people.Typically, patients may start at the higher level of care and then transition to the lower level of care as symptoms become more manageable.Our care team provides an assessment to tailor treatment to each individual.

Private, confidential therapy sessions are available to individuals with a wide variety of personal concerns.Most insurance plans cover the cost of care for the Adult Mood Program.