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If the reviewers have significant concerns about a manuscript, and the editor judges that extensive modification will be required in order to make it suitable for publication, or that the manuscript is so flawed that it cannot be rendered suitable for publication with a reasonable amount of effort, the paper will be rejected and reviewer comments returned to the authors with a summary explanation of the factors leading to the rejection.This journal permits and encourages authors to post items submitted to the journal on personal websites or institutional repositories both prior to and after publication, while providing bibliographic details that credit, if applicable, its publication in this journal.Articles published in the 'Technical Notes and Correspondence' section of the Journal of Weather Modification should be of general interest to the Weather Modification community but are generally not scientific in nature.Reports on some technical aspects of conducting a weather modification or geoenginneering program are included in this section, along with reports on a particular operational program.

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Year Started Location Seed Type (Ag I, hygro, salt water, etc)Aircraft Number and Type Ground Generator Number and Type Random or Non Random Operations Radar Type and Band Sponsor Software Used (Titan and Processing Software)Project Type (snow, rain, and hail)Results Published Project Manager and Contract Web Site Location and Information Tools to submit, track, and review articles are available on the website.Once the editor has accepted a manuscript, the editorial assistant will format it in the Journal format and return a digital copy to the corresponding author for approval.To allow for the creation of high quality manuscripts, authors should submit image files with a resolution of at least 220 dpi as supplemental files online in a standard image file format; for example, eps, png, jpeg, gif, bmp, or tif.Is the material presented in sufficient detail to allow the research to be reproduced?

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The online Open Journal System is used to review all manuscripts submitted to the Journal.

Hard copies of the 2014 issue will only be printed for libraries and individual subscriptions.