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Banky Fork is one of the deeper waters on the Horam Manor complex with depths of upto 7 feet.

There are approximately 5-6 dirt-based swims of which 3 are flat and the other 2-3 are on a slight slope.

Great Pond is packed with features including lilly pads, reeds, weed beds, an island and a few overhanging trees and bushes. The water has approximately 10-12 swims that are generally slightly sloped grass banks.

Pretty much any bait you care to use will work on this water including luncheon meat, sweetcorn, maggots, casters, lobworm, bread, dog biscuits and boilies.

Brook pit has a scattering of overhanging trees and bushes and a small reed bed. Features: Reeds, Overhanging trees and bushes Lake Size: 1/4 acre Lake Depth: 3-7ft Swims: 5 The Lagoon is a long, narrow, 1 acre lake situated on the outskirts of the wood, located at the bottom of a field.

Clear Hedges - the largest lake on the complex offering 20 pegs.

Catch Pool - a small recently restored water that has numerous overhanging trees and bushes and reed beds.

Great Pond - a small picturess, oval shaped 1 acre pond situated next to the car park and cafe.

Banky Fork - a small 1/2 acre pond situated in the centre of a heavily wooded area.

Features: Lilly pads, Weed beds, Reeds, A few overhanging trees and bushes, Island Lake Size: 1 acre Lake Depth: 3-5ft Swims: 10-12 Banky Fork is a small 1/2 acre pond situated in the centre of a heavily wooded area.