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Old-Believer churches in Russia have begun restoration of their property, although Old Believers face many difficulties in claiming restitution rights for their churches.

Moscow has churches for the most important Old Believer branches: Rogozhskaya Zastava (Popovtsy of the Belokrinitskaya hierarchy official center), a cathedral for the Novozybkovskaya hierarchy in Zamoskvorech'ye and Preobrazhenskaya Zastava where Pomortsy and Fedoseevtsy coexist.

All parishes in a geographical region belong to an eparchy (eparkhiya—equivalent to a Western diocese).

Larger eparchies, exarchates, and autonomous churches are governed by Metropolitan archbishops and sometimes have one or more bishops assigned to them.As of 2006, the total number of Old Believers is estimated from 500,000 to 1 million, some living in isolated communities to which they fled centuries ago to avoid persecution.An Old Believer parish in the United States has entered into communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.There are 788 monasteries, including 386 for men and 402 for women.

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Some eparchies are organized into exarchates, or autonomous churches.

Despite easing of relations with the election of Pope Benedict XVI, there remain issues such as the readiness of the police to protect Catholics and other minorities from persecution.

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